Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Local 114 Members Attend Road Transport Council

By Brothers Rick Toombs and Maurice Mills (Brinks BC)

Left to right:  Loomis Unit Chair Mario Santos, Local 114 President Gord McGrath, B & L Shop Steward 
Chris Sheaves, G4S Shop Steward Dale Quinn, CAW Local 114 Union Rep Mark Misic, Brinks 
Bargaining Committee Member Maurice Mills, Brinks Bargaining Committee Member Rick Toombs, 
CAW Local 114  Secretary-Treasurer Bill Gaucher, G4S Chief Steward Don McIver, and CAW-Canada 
President Ken Lewenza.  Missing from the picture:  CAW Local 114 Union Rep Harry Moon and CAWCanada National RepGavin McGarrigle.

Monday, October 31, 2011

ITF Action Week October 11-14th, 2011

CAW Locals from across Canada jointly participated in the annual International Transport Workers Federations (ITF)
Week of Action. Our CAW Campaign took place from October 11th through 14th this year.

“Fatigue Kills”; “Organizing the Unorganized”; “Waiting Time is Working Time” ; “Manufacturing Matters”; “Conditions in the Road Transport Sector”
have been some of the past campaigns that are specific to the transportation industry that still need attention.
This year’s campaign will deal with each of the past themes as well as “Safety Now” and “Decent Work”. 
In Canada what is very important to our industry is supporting Canadian workers and “Made in Canada Matters”.

During this “Week of Action”
We need for Canadians of all sectors of the economy to recognize “Made in Canada Matters”. In the transportation sector we need to be building,
servicing and operating Canadian made equipment with Canadian workers. Good jobs mean more local freight from raw materials, suppliers,
feeder plants, production facilities to retailers. More quality jobs would support the need to better transportation networks for these workers.
It all works hand in hand for the Canadian economy and more importantly for you and your neighbours!

Our union is calling on all levels of government to adopt Buy Canadian policies for all public purchases - one of the important policy tools to
help protect manufacturing jobs and encourage regional economic development in Canada.  Buying Canadian helps save good jobs and builds stronger communities.

Professional drivers around the world will be driving home the message to their employers – “Respect and Safety Now”, “Waiting Time is Working Time”, “Hours at Work need to be Compensated” and “Manufacturing Matters”!

Workers internationally can support each other by doing a better job of supporting their own economies locally and telling these multi-national corporations and the supporters of a world economy that communities matter! “Our Communities Matter”.  This campaign is about thinking globally and acting locally.

Our CAW Local 114 ITF/CAW canvassers included Don McIver, Dale Quinn, Eric Phillips, Morteza Maleki and Greg Gates and they handed out amongst other material surveys for the Taxi Industry and for the Road Transport Sector on issues commonly experienced throughout the globe by all workers in these sectors.

All in all it was a great experience for our members to get involved with again theis year and they have a lot of great and interesting ideas for next year’s campaign.

Bill Gaucher
CAW Road Transport President
Coordinator for CAW/ITF Campaign in BC

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CAW Local 114: Youth arrested after Kamloops bus driver beaten

CAW Local 114: Youth arrested after Kamloops bus driver beaten: Union President Gord McGrath and Local rep Harry Moon are in Kamloops today following yet another apparent incident of violence towards tran...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Save the B.C. Transit Workers: Issues Poll

Save the B.C. Transit Workers: Issues Poll: The Kamloops Daily news is running a weekly poll. Please support our brothers and sisters in Kamloops by voting Transit as the Top Issue in...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CAW Local 114: Bus Driver Injured in Altercation

CAW Local 114: Bus Driver Injured in Altercation: A CAW Local 114 bus driver was injured in a fight October 7, 2011 in Kamloops B.C. One person was arrested and the member was treated and i...

Friday, September 16, 2011

CAW Road Transport Council Blog: How to Make it Move

CAW Road Transport Council Blog: How to Make it Move: How to Make it Move: Action Plan Items for Discussion Share our Vision: Bring an endorsed statement to CAW and Quebec Councils for ad...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bus drivers to vote on one-year contract extension

The union representing Metro Vancouver bus drivers has reached a tentative contract with Coast Mountain Bus Co.
The Canadian Auto Workers Union Local 111 and Coast Mountain, a subsidiary of TransLink, reached a memorandum of agreement for a one-year extension of the existing contract which expired April 1, along with letters of understanding on key workplace issues and resolution of grievances.

Read more: Click Here

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report from ITF Sweden Conference‏

Please find a summary report of the ITF Conference I attended in Sweden.

Bill Gaucher
Secretary Treasurer
CAW Local 114
First Floor, # 326 - 12th Street
New Westminster, BC

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mansour Osanloo leader of the bus workers' union in Tehran, is finally free.

The online campaign we waged by LabourStart four years ago was one of the largest they ever did.  We are enormously pleased to learn the good news.
  • You can read an account of his release here.
  • There is have full coverage of workers' struggles in Iran here.
  • You can hear Osanloo's voice - in a one minute interview Eric Lee did with him in London five years ago here.  (The first minute is Osanloo speaking in Farsi, followed by a translation.)
The struggle waged by trade unions around the world - especially the International Transport Workers Federation - kept the pressure up.

Osanloo was never forgotten and now he is free.

Please take a moment to sign up to the current LabourStart campaigns - send off your messages of protest to the governments of Iraq, Swaziland, Bahrain and Chile.  Online campaigns work -- if we get enough people to support them.  Spread the word!  Forward this email!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ITF-UNI Germany

ITF and UNI sponsored bringing Union leadership and rank and file members together on May 23-25 in Frankfurt Germany for a global delivery conference.

Mario Santos L. 114, President of the CAW DHL Corporate Council along with Nat. Rep. Len Poirier attended on behalf of the CAW and the CAW Road Transport Council. 80 participants from 30 countries representing workers from DHL, TNT, Fed-EX and UPS attended the three day conference. All attendees gave an update to the status of these multi-national employers in their region of the world, sharing information on the organized and strategized on how the un-organized workers in these companies can be represented in the future. Mario and Len were asked to give presentation on how the DHL corporate council was established and what they have been doing collectively together across Canada to support workers from all over the world.  The report also included an update on the recent DHL sale of domestic business to the TransForce Group to be operated as Loomis Express and DHL remains in the Canadian market as the International courier.  

Much discussion and debate was held on further actions of organizing DHL workers globally and how they have different standards of treatment and labour relations in different countries.   It was unanimously agreed that the global campaign will have to take a more aggressive approach this year as the company is still failing to recognize the significance of signing a word frame agreement. Research was shared on these companies and the global customers of these large logistic couriers, and demanding that these customers share in the responsibility of treating workers with respect in the whole supply chain.

The last day included participants going to the DHL Corporate Shareholders meeting dressed in DHL yellow colored shirts handing out leaflets to all attendees “we demand respect”. This leaflet included reports from around the world showing workplace action from last year’s united campaign.

Friday, May 20, 2011

CAW-ITF Youth Workers Transportation e-mail list

Please read the attached file and the message below from Travis Harrision
who is a member of CAW Local 2200 and is also our CAW Young Workers delegate
for the ITF

Please help Travis in his endevours to establish a network of CAW youth to
take action on campaigns when necessary.

This will be an e-mail network, so please get this out to the youth in your
local and help Travis build the network.

Even if you are not a youth your assistance in forwarding these e-mails will
help Travis out.

Thanks for your cooperation

Bill Gaucher
President CAWRTC

I am contacting you today to request your help with some work of the 
International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). As a member of the 
CAW, I sit on the ITF young transport workers committee representing 
North America. As you may or may not be aware, at the ITF Congress in 
Mexico last August, the ITF constitution was amended to create the 
ITF young workers committee. This change was made following two years 
of work by a working group of young workers from around the world, of 
which I was involved. The committee met for the first time last 
November and since then we have been working on a few initiatives to 
continue this work.

One of the initiatives, the one I am requesting your help in, is to 
expand the ITF young workers network. This network is an email based 
network used to get information to young transport workers around the 
world, and take action on campaigns when necessary. I have been 
trying to make contact with ITF affiliates in North America over the 
past few months to get a contact person that can help with this
Attached is a copy of the letter that has been sent out.

As a member of the CAW, I want to make sure that my own union is 
tapped in to this work and I was wondering if you could find a main 
contact person from Local 114 that would like to get involved. I have 
Cc'd Monica Hrapkowicz from CAW Local 4004, who has agreed to work 
with me on this as the main contact for the CAW, and will help me 
work with the contact persons for each of the CAW transport locals.
The main responsibility of the person at this point will be to get 
the young workers in Local 114 registered with the ITF young workers 
network, and be the main contact for the local for this new 
communications structure.

Please let me know if you would like further information or to speak 
with me directly.

In Sol,
Travis Harrison
CAW 2200 Recording Secretary
(604) 314-5212

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CAW Local 114: CAW CONTACT Volume 41, No. 20 May 19, 2011

CAW Local 114: CAW CONTACT Volume 41, No. 20 May 19, 2011: "In this weeks issue: Victory for Locked Out Limo Drivers New Agreement for Sault Ste. Marie Paramedics Inquiry Recommends Broad Law Chang..."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Cartage Settlement

I spoke with National Rep Gavin McGarrigle today who informed me that a settlement has been reached with American Cartage.

Monday, April 4, 2011

American Cartage Lockout‏

American Cartage


The Union has been trying to bargain a new agreement with American Cartage since our contract expired last year on June 30, 2010.  The Company has not respected the current collective agreement and has now locked out its workers.  Many workers at American Cartage have given years of service and the Company has now decided to lock out its workers who are employees and owner-operators.

The Union has now settled a pattern collective agreement with several other container truck companies including; Prudential Transport, Forward Transport, Aheer Transport and AG Transport and we expect to settle more in the near future.

Why isn’t the pattern agreement good enough for American Cartage?

We need your support to respect our picket line and to refuse to do business with American Cartage or any person or business assisting American Cartage in locking out its workers.  We believe that the Company is engaging in straight-forward union-busting.

Please send a message to the Company President and tell her to get back to the table and sign a fair agreement with the workers at American Cartage.  Please write to:

Gloria Vander Schaaf, President            Phone:          (604) 614-2767
            American Cartage                                      Fax:                (604) 513-3677
            #101-9366 200A Street
Langley BC, V1M 4B3                               Email:  

Tell the Company that the deal on the table is a fair deal and it should be accepted by the Company.  Tell American Cartage and its allies that you support the workers.

We thank you for your ongoing support.


For further information, please contact:

Paul Uppal, VCTA-CAW Local 2006                  Gavin McGarrigle, National Representative
Phone: (604) 970-1005                                       Phone: (778) 668-6455
Email:                                  Email:           

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CAW Members at CP Ratify New Deal

Media advisory for national comprehensive release 

CAW Members at CP Ratify New Deal

February 24, 2011

(Toronto) CAW members at CP Rail have ratified a new deal by 82 per cent in a series of cross country membership meetings that took place over the last two weeks. 

This new agreement includes increases in wages, benefits, retirement incentives and language improvements around work rules and skilled trades.

CAW National President Ken Lewenza offered his congratulations to the bargaining committee for their hard work in securing a deal that was overwhelmingly approved by members at CP. “This was a challenging round of negotiations and I believe the deal we reached with CP makes important improvements in the work lives of our members,” said Lewenza. 

In this set of negotiations, the union also faced the pending closure of the Ogden shop in Calgary, Alberta. In order to lessen the impact on Ogden workers, the union negotiated retirement incentives, severance programs and work opportunities at Calgary’s Alyth facility.

“It was a difficult set of negotiations, particularly given the demographics and varying needs of the membership –ranging from new hires to those heading into retirement,” said CAW Local 101 President Tom Murphy. “We were ultimately successful in meeting a great number of these needs.”

CAW Local 101 represents 2,100 shopcraft (skilled trades) workers at CP. The CAW reached a deal with CP on February 5.


CAW Local 114: DHL Corporate Responsibility Today

CAW Local 114: DHL Corporate Responsibility Today: "Deutsche Post DHL is holding a Corporate Responsibility Day today. The discussion will also be on Twitter and people will be able to a..."

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strike action at TNT in Australia

Workers at TNT in Australia are taking part in a series of four-hour stoppages this week in an effort to secure “safe rates” and better standards for contract workers.

The country-wide strike on 28 January follows the failure of a last ditch attempt to negotiate with the company.

TWU national secretary, Tony Sheldon, said that until there were sensible changes in the company’s practices safety would suffer: “While the company continues to turn the thumbscrews in the name of their bottom line, the public and employees will suffer.”
He highlighted how last week, TNT management in South Australia required the largely casual staff to continue to work at a site potentially contaminated with asbestos, providing only flimsy paper masks to some. It was only when union representatives intervened that the workplace was evacuated. TNT management, he said, had also docked workers pay during the recent floods when they were unable to work.

The workers are demanding site rates to prevent managers from bringing in contract workers that undermine the rest of the workforce and a “safe rates committee” to ensure that contractors implement safety measures and pay the correct wages. They also want to secure fair wage increases and a company superannuation or pension contribution from the employer of 15 per cent.

Sheldon said that TNT management’s claims that it could not afford to pay for the changes were baseless: “Of course TNT management will cry wolf but TNT Express is set to have profits increase 186 per cent by 2015.

“On top of that TNT are set to make a fortune out of the misfortune of the people of Queensland as demand grows because of the rebuilding effort.”

How you can show your solidarity:

•              Send a letter of support to the Transport Workers Union of Australia via  copying in Marshall Abrahams from Organising Globally at
•              Make your feelings known by send a protest letter to Bob Black, the Managing Director of TNT Australia
•              Follow the TNT Workers’ campaign for fairness at work on Twitter and Facebook

In solidarity

Alen Clifford
Organising Globally Assistant Coordinator
International Transport Workers' Federation

Fon: +44.20.7940-9319
Fax: +44.20.7357-7871

main website:

also visit:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Workers at CN and CP Rail Vote to Strike, if Necessary

Workers have overwhelmingly voted to take strike action if necessary at both CN and CP Rail as negotiations with the companies continue and the deadline approaches.
Workers at CN make up four different CAW bargaining units and have voted in favour of a strike
if necessary, as follows:
Local 100 - 95 per cent
Council 4000 (office and clerical) - 82 per cent
Council 4000 (mechanical) -100 per cent
Council 4000 CNTL (owner operators) - 93 per cent
The CN strike deadline is Tuesday, January 25 at 12:01 a.m. The CAW represents 4,300 workers at CN in all bargaining units combined.
Workers at CP, represented by CAW Local 101, voted 89 per cent in favour of going on strike. The strike deadline is Tuesday, February 8 at 12:01 a.m. The CAW represents 2,100 workers at CP.
CAW President Ken Lewenza said that negotiations with both companies have been challenging so far with each demanding concessions of the workers. “Our members have spoken loudly and clearly about their issues and concerns and this high strike vote is a strong indication that our members are absolutely serious in addressing these concerns at the bargaining table,” said Lewenza. 
“Workers at CN and CP will enjoy the full support of the union as they fight concessionary demands and secure a decent contract.”
The bargaining committees at both CN and CP thanked the membership for their solid support and remain determined to reach a fair and equitable settlement on behalf of their respective members.
The voting took place in meetings right across the country over the last week. Negotiations with both companies commenced in October.