How to Make it Move

How to Make it Move:
Action Plan Items for Discussion

Share our Vision:
  • Bring an endorsed statement to CAW and Quebec Councils for adoption.
  • Hold regional meetings with environmental and urban development groups to present our vision, seek feedback and build alliances.
  • Bring our vision statement to provincial and local labour councils for review and possible adoption.
  • Present our vision and policy proposals to federal, provincial and municipal leaders.
  • Present our vision and policy proposals to business organizations, chambers of commerce, economic development offices.

Build Community Alliances:
  • Organize regional workers' and citizens' summits on transportation.
  • Lead community and workplace transportation needs assessments.
  • Engage with, or establish, "Transit Users Unions" in our communities.

Develop Educational Workshops and Materials:
  • Develop specific educational sessions for our workplaces. 
  • Develop popular materials on specifically how to green the auto, and other manufacturing, industries.

Develop and Launch Strategic Campaigns:
  • Prioritize legislative demands and organize specific campaigns that include media, events and lobbies of elected leaders.
  • Develop and release a report-card on transportation issues to assess the policies of political parties (for use federally, provincially and municipally).

Report Back:
  • The National Union, in coordination with the related Sector Councils to make a full report back on progress in two years, and report on initiatives at Council meetings, and at Sector Councils, until then.

Download The We Make it Move plan : Click Here