Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ITF Action Alert

To all affiliates,

Friends, as you may be aware despite Walmart being the biggest employer in America, it has been reported that workers employed by Walmart subcontractors are being subjected to unfair and unjust working conditions.

We understand that warehouse workers who unload goods within the Walmart supply chain, are working on occasion for less than minimum wage, are not compensated for overtime, have no health insurance, holiday or sick days and are often contracted through temporary labour agencies even if they have been working at the same facility for years.

Now these workers are fighting back. In a bid to stand up for their basic human rights, workers at a warehouse in California filed a Federal law suit in September 2011 based on the company's failure to meet the minimum requirements under US wage law. Since that time these 70 workers have reported being threatened and harassed and have now been told they will lose their jobs on 24 February.

As transport unions working side by side with warehouse workers across the world, the ITF is calling on the ITF family to show Walmart that workers on the global supply chain are watching their actions closely and they don't like what they see.

Sign this petition now to show Walmart that transport workers stand beside their brothers and sisters working in American warehouses >> 
The petition calls for Walmart to put in place a responsible contractor policy obligating contractors it does business with to observe certain standards to protect workers. This would mean a living wage, benefits and a guarantee of respect for workers' legal rights.

In solidarity,

David Cockfroft
General Secretary