Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Local 114 Members Attend Road Transport Council

By Brothers Rick Toombs and Maurice Mills (Brinks BC)

Left to right:  Loomis Unit Chair Mario Santos, Local 114 President Gord McGrath, B & L Shop Steward 
Chris Sheaves, G4S Shop Steward Dale Quinn, CAW Local 114 Union Rep Mark Misic, Brinks 
Bargaining Committee Member Maurice Mills, Brinks Bargaining Committee Member Rick Toombs, 
CAW Local 114  Secretary-Treasurer Bill Gaucher, G4S Chief Steward Don McIver, and CAW-Canada 
President Ken Lewenza.  Missing from the picture:  CAW Local 114 Union Rep Harry Moon and CAWCanada National RepGavin McGarrigle.