Friday, May 20, 2011

CAW-ITF Youth Workers Transportation e-mail list

Please read the attached file and the message below from Travis Harrision
who is a member of CAW Local 2200 and is also our CAW Young Workers delegate
for the ITF

Please help Travis in his endevours to establish a network of CAW youth to
take action on campaigns when necessary.

This will be an e-mail network, so please get this out to the youth in your
local and help Travis build the network.

Even if you are not a youth your assistance in forwarding these e-mails will
help Travis out.

Thanks for your cooperation

Bill Gaucher
President CAWRTC

I am contacting you today to request your help with some work of the 
International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). As a member of the 
CAW, I sit on the ITF young transport workers committee representing 
North America. As you may or may not be aware, at the ITF Congress in 
Mexico last August, the ITF constitution was amended to create the 
ITF young workers committee. This change was made following two years 
of work by a working group of young workers from around the world, of 
which I was involved. The committee met for the first time last 
November and since then we have been working on a few initiatives to 
continue this work.

One of the initiatives, the one I am requesting your help in, is to 
expand the ITF young workers network. This network is an email based 
network used to get information to young transport workers around the 
world, and take action on campaigns when necessary. I have been 
trying to make contact with ITF affiliates in North America over the 
past few months to get a contact person that can help with this
Attached is a copy of the letter that has been sent out.

As a member of the CAW, I want to make sure that my own union is 
tapped in to this work and I was wondering if you could find a main 
contact person from Local 114 that would like to get involved. I have 
Cc'd Monica Hrapkowicz from CAW Local 4004, who has agreed to work 
with me on this as the main contact for the CAW, and will help me 
work with the contact persons for each of the CAW transport locals.
The main responsibility of the person at this point will be to get 
the young workers in Local 114 registered with the ITF young workers 
network, and be the main contact for the local for this new 
communications structure.

Please let me know if you would like further information or to speak 
with me directly.

In Sol,
Travis Harrison
CAW 2200 Recording Secretary
(604) 314-5212

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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