Monday, June 25, 2012

Stand in solidarity with London bus drivers seeking a fair deal

London bus workers are demanding an Olympic award that virtually every other public transport workers in London has now won through their union negotiations. It is only an extra £17.24 a day to compensate them for the increased pressure they face during the games, with an estimated 800,000 more people set to be using London buses.
After a meeting on 21 June with ITF affiliate, Unite the Union which represents these bus workers, 21 bus operators are still refusing to enter into genuine and meaningful negotiations despite collectively posting over £2 billion in profits according to their latest annual accounts.
That is why the bus workers in London have staged a one-day strike on 22 June, the first London-wide bus workers strike in 30 years. Whilst the actions at 17 companies are rock-solid, 3 companies have filed for an injunction which the judge accepted. This is yet another attack on workers' rights.
Please support their demand by sending your message to the Mayor of London, Transport for London and the bus operators. Please circulate this information to your colleagues and friends. Post it on social media networks.

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