Thursday, March 7, 2013

Re-Think the Economy

Campaign Update:
Canada to Fund 5-Year Auto Policy Research Project

“This is a small, but significant, win for our union and our ongoing campaign efforts to help build a stronger, more sustainable auto sector in Canada.”
- CAW President Ken Lewenza
The federal government has recently announced a five-year, $2.1 million research projectthat will examine ways to strengthen Canada’s auto manufacturing sector. This is an important milestone for our campaign efforts, and shouldn’t go unnoticed!
The study, announced on February 22, will critically examine policies that influence auto sector development, including future investment decisions as well as research and development programs, among others.
In April 2012, we launched the Re-Think Canada’s Auto Industry campaign that outlines a 10-point policy plan to solidify Canada’s position as a leader among auto-making nations. Our policy framework is designed to create and sustain good-paying local jobs and boost the economic fortunes of communities across Ontario and Canada. This comprehensive federal study falls in line with many of our campaign objectives. It recognizes that our current auto policies are in need of a critical Re-think. And for that reason, we see this announcement as a positive step forward.
Remember: it was just this past summer our union leadership met with key federal government officials and outlined our auto policy proposals. These meetings built off the momentum generated during a series of community forums held across Southern Ontario in the spring. Our message was well-received, by all federal political parties. In our view, this 5-year research project is, in part, a result of the hard work you and our entire campaign team have done through this campaign so far.
The study, funded through Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) will be headed up by Professor Charlotte Yates, Dean of Social Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton through a new Canadian Automotive Policy Partnership (CAPP). The study will be informed by both academic and industry partners, including the CAW, and housed in McMaster’s new manufacturing policy research centre.
Stay tuned for more campaign information. And keep the petitions coming!