Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday October 17th 9:15 am Pacific Central Station 1150 Station Street Vancouver, BC

Wednesday October 17th  9:15 am Pacific Central Station  1150 Station Street Vancouver, BC
Please come out to assist CAW Local 100 VIA Rail Members had out Information about the VIA Cuts to the Public.

For more information contact:
Ron Shore  CAW National Council 4000  604-532-9849
Zoltan Czippel CAW Local 100

CAW Nation-Wide Call to Stop the Cuts at VIA Rail

CAW members at VIA Rail are taking part in a nation-wide leaflet campaign this week, urging an end to the cuts at VIA.  Passengers are also being urged to join the campaign.

This initiative is part of the Transport Workers International Action Week October 7 - 13.  The CAW represents approximately 2,200 workers at VIA Rail.

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CAW-ITF Campaign Targets "Transforce"

CAW Locals in British Columbia and in Ontario distributed pamphlets to non-union employees at “Transforce” companies.
Transforce has been purchasing all sorts of companies to enhance their profitability as a corporation.
The CAW represents a large number of workers for Transforce in Canada in their “Package and Courier Division”.
The CAW represents workers at Loomis Courier, Dynamex, and ICS Courier.
In conjunction with the ITF Campaign our canvassers will be distributing pamphlets to the Non-Union employees of Tranforce.

CAW Local 111 and CAW Local 2200 “ITF Action Week" – “More Buses NOW!” Campaign

Gavin Davies Vice-President of CAW Local 111 and CAW Local 111 Youth Committee Co-Chair Ashleigh Rennie organized a protest for the Annual ITF Action Week under the Quality Public Services Campaign.
Members from CAW Local 111, CAW Local 2200 and some help from CAW 114 hit the streets in Vancouver and Surrey at strategic Public Transit sites to pass out information on their “More Buses NOW” campaign to the public..
The “More Buses NOW” Campaign is about Bus drivers being fed up – and taking a stand.
Translnk isn’t delivering enough transit services for our riders.  An ongoing shortage of more than 500 buses means overcrowding, infrequent services, full busses passing up riders, inadequate Night Buses and more problems.  Riders give up on public transit and drive due to lack of service – making traffic more congested and Metro Vancouver More polluted.
 To read more about the Campaign  and to send a message to the BC Government and the Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Council go to:  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ITF Action Week 2012 – 7-13 October

ITF Action Week 2012 – 7-13 October
To read more stories of activities by unions as part of the Action Week and to view photos, please visit:

CAW Locals in Ontario supporting the ITF Action Week

In Ontario CAW Locals 4268 and 4457 are campaigning with a focus on School Bus Drivers as well as trucking companies.  CAW Locals 27 and 88 are focusing on trucking companies that are hauling auto parts in Ingersoll Ontario.  Reported by CAW National Representative Len Poirier

October 9th, 2012 (ITF) International Taxi Driver Day

CAW Local 114 and CAW Local 111 members out speaking to Taxi Drivers

October 9th, 2012 was the International Transport Workers Federations
"Taxi Driver Day"  Members from CAW Local 114 and CAW Local 111 were out in the streets talking to Taxi Drivers about their working conditions and asking them to complete the Taxi Surveys and inviting them back to an Open House at the CAW New Westminster Hall. 

We had Taxi Drivers tell our canvassers on the streets and also those Taxi Drivers who attended our Open House share some of their daily driving concerns and they expressed over and over again their lack of decent working conditions and the unjust system of issuing licenses and plates in the Taxi Industry.

Special guests at our "Taxi Drivers Open House" were John Aman CAW Organizing Director (bottom row centre), Harry Ghadban CAW Eastern Ontario Area Director ( top row second in from the left) and Murray Gore CAW New Westminster Organizing Department (bottom row right side).